Handwritten Notes vs. Typed Notes: what should you do?

Handwritten Notes vs. Typed Notes: what should you do?

The discussion of whether or not you should take your notes by hand or by using a keyboard has been going on for a while now.

And it makes sense since taking notes is in direct correlation with your ability to remember what you’ve learned – hence, upping your grades as a student.

That’s why it’s vital to take your notes in the most efficient, optimal way possible if you want the best possible grades.

Why handwritten notes should be your go-to note-taking method

According to research made by The University of Stavanger, taking notes by hand instead of typing notes on a keyboard increases your chances of remembering what you’ve written down.

When writing notes by hand (or when reading a physical book), a number of senses are involved in the process. You can feel the paper, hear the tip of the pen tough the edge of the paper, and sometimes even smell the ink.

Our brain receives much greater feedback when in contact with physical objects – in this case using a pen and paper.

That said, most people might even prefer writing their notes by hand due to the overall experience of writing in comparison to typing.

And it makes sense. When do we actually write down something by hand nowadays? Everything is written on a keyboard.

However, there’s a little bit of a hurdle when typing your notes by hand – which is why most people prefer typing their notes on a laptop instead of by hand.

Why most people prefer typing their notes on a laptop

Honestly, it’s a matter of convenience.

Typing your notes on your laptop is about a thousand times faster and easier than writing your notes by hand. It’ll basically make you more productive.

And, your notes are way easier to organize in a dedicated note-taking program such as Evernote, OneNote, Bear, Ulysses, or Simplenote. Let’s face it; It can be a bit of a hurdle to organize handwritten notes.

The only real compromise when typing your notes on a laptop is remembering what you typed back then.

To memorize what you’ve written is – as explained above – a lot harder when typing on a laptop than by writing your notes by hand.

What you should do

So, the most optimal note-taking method would have to be a combination of both note-taking methods – giving you the best of both worlds.

Next time you’re at a lecture, try to take your notes by hand. Act like a sponge and absorb all the information you possibly can – even if you feel like you don’t need it.

Later that day, sit down at your computer and rewrite your notes into a dedicated note-taking program.

Doing so will give you the best of both worlds, and you’ll even revisit your notes in the process, upping your chances of remembering them.

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