How to boost your overall productivity

How to boost your overall productivity

Our world is constantly changing, and we’re constantly pushing for new standards – meaning we need to work harder and harder to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

Our own expectation of what is somewhat an acceptable level of productivity is constantly increased. In order to achieve your goals, your current level of productivity needs an overhaul.

In this article, we’ve come up with a few tips for you to use in order to boost your overall productivity.

Eliminate distractions and get in the zone

The very first thing you should consider is the number of distractions you’re faced with as you’re working.

Try to eliminate any distractions by placing yourself in a silent location where you’re not disturbed by anyone or anything.

Something that works excellent for me is to dim any light in the room – really getting in the zone and getting my hands dirty.

If you have the opportunity, put on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and listen to music. A great example is this playlist from Spotify that I’m currently listening to when writing new articles for Ultradapt.

Furthermore, consider shutting off any communication with the outside world – kind of like a caveman. Turn off notifications on your phone, and stop checking social media every quarter.

Get your hands dirty instead of coming up with a million excuses

You’re probably not admitting that you’re amazing at coming up with excuses when you’re feeling tired and stressed.

In fact, I think we’re all a little too good at coming up with excuses to not do what is expected from us.

Maybe you’re not really feeling fresh, excited, and happy, so you’re waiting until tomorrow to go for it. Or maybe something else has come in the way. Or maybe it’s too expensive to start something truly exciting. Well, it’s straight up excuses.

There’s absolutely no good excuse not going for it. We only have one life. Not like cats that have nine lives. Therefore, why not chase your dreams and be bold when you can?

Why sit back and watch everyone else do what they love? You want to be in the action. You want to be impulsive. And you want to succeed at what you’re absolutely stoked about!

It’s not hard to boost your productivity at all. It all comes down to how bad you want to succeed at what you love. If you truly love what you do, and you find it extremely exciting, then there’s no possible reason not to go for it.

Get your hands dirty and enjoy the long journey ahead. It’s your own.

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