Ten creative ways to save your money

Ten creative ways to save your money

Have you ever wondered why you have absolutely no Benjamins in your bank account when entering the very last week of the month?

Read on, friend. We’ve covered ten ways you can save some bucks in quite unusual ways that might just suit your lifestyle.

1. Drink until you explode

Drinking plenty of water during the day has huge financial benefits. Get your hands on a refillable bottle and spend less money on beverages such as juice, soda, tea, and energy drinks.

It might be challenging to drink water as the only liquid if you’re not that much into water. However, it’s a way to save you some money.

As a bonus, it’s beneficial to drink lots of water during the day. It’ll keep your organs functioning properly.

2. Keep your filthy hands clean

This one is quite straightforward – simply wash your hands thoroughly every time you use the restroom. During so will prevent you from acquiring disseases – essentially saving you on medical bills.

This also goes for showering regularly. Keep your body as clean as possible to prevent disseases to hit you. However, to strengthen your immune system you should also not turn into a sanitary extremist.

3. Utilize the genius 10-second rule

Every time you consider purchasing something at the supermarket, stop for 10 seconds and ask yourself the question: do I actually need it? If you don’t have a crucial reason to buy it, then don’t.

It keeps you from making random impulse buys when shopping for groceries – essentially saving you a lot of money spent on unnecessary items.

4. Eat as much as possible for breakfast

Have you ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day due to the energy you gain from it? Well, there’s actually two reasons it’s the most important meal of the day.

Eating a solid breakfast curbs your desire to eat a big, expensive lunch at work later during the day.

Plus, a simple bowl of oatmeal in the morning is extremely cheap and keeps you running for the next month – if it’s like super huge..!

5. Pimp your ride

Did you know that for every two PSI of air pressure in your car’s tires, you actually lose about one percentage on your gas mileage?

By inflating your tires to a higher pressure – still within the recommended setting – you can improve your gas mileage and save some money.

Just find the nearest gas station and use their pump to inflate your car’s tires to a higher pressure. The recommended pressure setting can be found in your car’s manual.

6. No-go for the pedal to the metal

Speeding in your car is not only really inefficient in terms of mileage. It’s also extremely expensive when caught in the act!

If you’re in a serious hurry, you should just leave home a little earlier than you normally do. There’s honestly no good excuse for speeding. Save your money instead.

7. Destroy your body in the gym

Actually, you don’t even have to join a gym – a simple jog each evening will likely do the job just fine.

I can’t stress this enough; physical exercise is the best investment you can make in yourself and your overall health and wealth.

Being healthy and fit will save you a ton of money on medical bills.

8. Now for the 30-day rule

Let’s face it. The internet is great. But the internet sucks.

Being given the opportunity to buy anything, at any time, anywhere is probably the biggest wallet killer in the 20th century.

Next time you choose to listen to the instant gratification monkey inside of your brain, wait 30 days to place an order.

When a month has passed, you’ll likely find that the urge to buy that specific product has passed, and you’ll be left with money you can invest instead.

9. Get a friend to do the same

In many occasions, having a friend by your side trying to achieve the exact same goal as you can be a huge motivation.

By encouraging each other to be financially stable, you’ll soon make that dream come true..! The first step is always the hardest – but a solid friend can make it all seem worthwhile when times are tough.

10. Get your hands dirty with volunteering

What is a better way to meet new people than to do volunteer work?

It comes without a cost, and you can provide yourself with hours and hours of free entertainment that actually helps out other people in need.

You’ll also benefit mentally from doing such work since helping out other people will work as both a confidence booster but you’ll also feel meaningful.

Keep in mind that these ten ways of saving money are meant as an alternative method of saving money. There’s other ways of saving money that are way more effective.

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