Why sunbathing is healthy for your body

Why sunbathing is healthy for your body

Chances are you’ve heard that sunbathing is extremely unhealthy.

And that by sunbathing regularly you increase the chances of getting skin cancer.

People often fear getting skin cancer from the sun so much that they cover themselves up.

Almost like they were about to go for a month long hike in the Arabian Desert.

However, it’s not that simple when it comes to sunbathing and skin cancer.

In some circumstances it can be beneficial to sunbathe moderately. And here’s why.

Benefits of sunbathing

Sunbathing in a moderate manner can actually boost the Vitamin D production in your body.

The sun exposure triggers a reaction in your body.

This reaction boosts the production of Vitamin D that helps the body to build bones, tame inflammation and boost the body’s future immunity.

Speaking of the Vitamin D, it is actually proven that boosting the vitamin will also boost your overall mood.

Vitamin D has an antidepressant effect.

So, if you’re feeling down, hit the beach and get a proper tan!

Furthermore, the exposure to sun triggers the release of nitric oxide which is a compound that opens blood vessels and promotes a better blod flow.

If you’re having problems with your blood pressure, you should know that the exposure to sun will help balance your body’s blood pressure.

However, skin cancer is a relevant problem.

You should avoid hitting the beach for multiple hours – and definitely don’t fall asleep during a sunbathing session.

I speak from personal experience…

Keep in mind that people with pale skin who sunburn easily are far more likely to get sun-related skin cancer.

Therefore, remember to use sunscreen to protect the skin of your body and avoid sunburn. Here’s a link for a great sunscreen that I use myself.

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